Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Name changer, but not game changer

Sheri Berry Designs is now Sheri McCulley

Since getting into licensing about five years ago, I have branded my licensed products with the name and logo of “Sheri Berry,” based on my childhood nickname.

As my licensing partnerships have grown across product categories and even international boundaries, I’ve discovered that this short, rhyming phrase is similar (though not identical) to names used by other people and companies in what has become an interconnected online world.

So as the number of products with my designs continues to expand, and the importance of creating a distinct identity has grown, I’m returning to the other name my family gave me: Sheri McCulley.

The name may be a little different, but the distinctive look and style of original patterns, illustrations, and products I create will remain. When you see the Sheri McCulley logo, you can be sure it’s by the same little girl who used to be called “Sheri Berry” as she sketched and cut, folded and colored at the kitchen table.


Anonymous said...

I have a bookmark for your blog at the top of my browser and suddenly all the posts were missing. I saw that you changed your blog's name- good for you! I think this is a good idea with your wide spectrum of products. :) I'll update my link!

barbgep said...

I like the look of the new name---If I hadn't known you were changing it, I may not have noticed. It looks good Sheri.

Miladylc said...

Sheri I to Have changed things so I can Keep up with your wonderful work. it did Break my heart that you had to have LD archive your First collection with them because of having to do this name change.there were a couple of Items I had not yet got. Look Foward to mor great things from you, still Praying for items from like the Kitty and Owl from the Kitty Dweller collection : )

Miladylc said...

Due to the Name Change , you need to do one update here.Coustume Clubhouse LD link needs to be fixed.
You had to ask LD to archive the First Collection you did for them under Sheri Berry You still have the Link for it showing here .

Erica at Sew So Crafty said...

Hi Sheri ... just love your range. Being a scrapbooker & sewing junkie you keep me inspired ... thanks!PS ... I am holding thumbs & crossing fingers & toes that I am the lucky member that receives your lovely gift!