Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, Nuts! I’m a year behind.

I realized that I forgot to tell you all Happy Valentine’s Day last year and now we are a week away from hearts and flowers and candy once again. This is a holiday that I love, but not because I’m all about the box of chocolates and flowers each year. It’s because I take this time each year to create and send out valentines for my family and friends. This is the time to create what’s in my heart for those close to my heart and I have been doing it now for twenty-one years.

I promised myself last year that I would stop at twenty years. However my daughter, who finally is at the age to have her own mailing address said she’s been waiting all these years to finally get her own valentine and envelope with canceled stamp sent to her very own mailbox. I cannot disappoint the only daughter I have so . . . the cards are ready to go out Thursday and once they do I’ll share them with you as well.

In the meantime I’m going to get you caught up on the card from last year. As you know by my woodland holiday art I was big into squirrels and birds and deer. The squirrels have a special spot in the heart so they wandered right into my valentine design and settled in.

As you see above, the card was designed with a pull-wheel (the acorns on the green ribbons, which were longer than you see here) that would change phrases on the clock face as the acorns were gently tugged. Of course the obvious phrases were “Be My Valentine” and “I’m Nuts About You.” A few tip-ons were added for the window at top with the little bird and the flower pots at bottom.

The back of the card shares a sentiment I feel for all those close to me and at the top is a small hanging device so the card can be hung on the wall, as it really isn’t such a good standing card design. :) Oh, and one more thing. This is the only pink version of this design. I actually branched out and made all the other cards with reds instead of pinks. It seemed a bit more fitting for the holiday.

Don’t forget all those nutty people in your life you love so much and send them sentiments of love on Valentine’s Day!

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