Monday, November 1, 2010

A Postcard Passion

I remember when my daughter was in 3rd grade her teacher had a great project for the students. She advised the kids to write to each of their friends and extended family all over the country (and even the world) to receive postcards back in the mail. This was clearly an exercise in writing, but also one to help the kids learn about geography and landmarks. I am sure my daughter still has the little box of postcards from that time tucked away in a safe place in her closet.

She has a passion for postcards and a passion for travel and is always the one in the family to send cards from every location possible during family vacations and travels. Maybe this is her way of paying back all the family and friends who sent her cards back in the 3rd grade.

As you know, I am trying to give her yet another reason to collect and save a series of postcards. I send a postcard each week to she and her buds, for no other reason than to brighten their mailbox at least one in the week and remind then that they are being thought of back home. Here is the next installment of the collection.

The campus had “parent weekend” and this card was sent to encourage the girls to decorate and clean up their dorm rooms for their peeps.

Shortly after the school year gets underway, the college invites surrounding academies to bring their seniors to the campus for a few days of college life. It’s a great form of recruiting and gives the kids a chance to see their friends from the school they just graduated from last spring. There is no better recruiting tool than a bunch of students telling their friend about the wonderful college they are now attending. Go Union! Or better yet, come to Union!

A little guidance for the girls in college: 3 keys to success—1. be safe, 2. be sweet, 3. be smart

I am a big advocate of learning about trees, leaves in particular and being able to recognize their traits. I uses to try to teach my kids this every autumn when we would collect beautiful fall leaves and press and preserve them. Now, I’m trying to get the college kids to learn them, incase they didn’t get that course in grade school and won’t likely in college.

You can never be too old to enjoy halloween and yes even trick-or-treating. I expect the kids found a neighborhood to infiltrate or at least had fun in the dorm going door to door. I think my daughter probably dressed as a cat, which was also the first costume I put her in when she was only four months old. I remember her cat-costuming at least two other times in the past. Well, I guess you can’t teach an old dog, or in this case a cat new tricks-or-treats!

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