Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a Joy!

Just like in the stores this time of year, we can’t get through halloween without having Christmas right along side it. Well, the same goes for creating fabric. Just as the Costume Club will be seen for the first time at Fall Quilt Market, so it is with the 12 Joys of Christmas. This is the holiday collection that I have just finished with Nortcott and it will also be on display at Market on the weekend.

This collection really has been a joy to create. It means a lot to me for a couple of reasons for the season! My family enjoys the experiences of Christmas time with all the many activities, music, aroma, warmth, friendship and family that this season involves. The other reason this collection was fun to work on was for the simple fact that it reminds me of all of the wonderful childhood memories that Christmas gives me.

Admittedly, only once do I remember actually going out into the woods with my family and cutting down our own Christmas tree. However, there have been many a paper snowflakes cut in this home; a few consecutive years of trying to make and decorate holiday cookies like Martha can do so easily, and every year without fail my husband’s “vintage” turntable plays the original Goodyear Christmas records from his childhood.

They may not be wrapped in lovely papers with beautiful bows, but the memories we receive from these holiday moments are the best gifts we receive each Christmas.

When you start hearing Christmas music this holiday season and “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has begun to play, over and over again in your mind, I hope you will now think of the 12 Joys of Christmas, and spread a little joy of your own.

Below you will see the twelve different joys Christmas brings to me and my family and maybe it will bring a little to you as well. En-joy!


acecraig100 said...

Love the new Christmas and Halloween lines! I am in the middle of finishing a quilt with fabrics from Trick or Treat Street. It is absolutely cute in the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I picked up a couple of Sherry Berry Holiday charm packs a few months ago. I can't wait to start on those next. Looking forward to seeing your new lines in the shops!

Beth said...

Sheri, you have done it again!! I promised myself to get rid of some of my holiday fabric this year, but you have me buying Sheri Berry holiday and dreaming of this new line!

Anonymous said...

Another Have To Have!!! Lovely!!!!

Unknown said...

I found the Twelve Joys of Christmas panel in my stash and renewed my love of it! I will not be using it as a quilt but probably will make it a wall hanging. What ideas do you have to use the Christmas "balls" at the bottom of the panel?

Sheri McCulley said...

Hi Charlotte,
The Christmas balls (ornaments) at the bottom of the panel were intended to become "soft ornaments" so they would be stuffed and backed with another fabric hanging from string or ribbon. So glad you like the panel . . . from long ago. :)