Friday, September 18, 2009

Gifts from the Heart and Hand

Time to brag on my kids. Time to show of the creative genetics of the offspring.

Shelby, the daughter and the oldest, has been interested in miniatures since she was a miniature. She is very careful and loves attention to detail. She has a wonderful ability to visualize, and as a result she is great at whipping up three dimensional creations without patterns or directions. It all seems effortless when she’s felting or sewing her little critters.

This little guy is a weasel with little berries from the Sheri Berry patch! Shelby made him for my birthday and he lives in the studio with me. No pets are allowed in the house, but a complete menagerie of felted creatures are always welcome in the studio. Shelby has a blog that shows off some of her little critters. If you want to see more go to

Logan, the son who is a few years younger than Shelby has his own creative style and engineering approach to everything. He is constantly inventing contraptions and systems that could make life easier or better. He hasn’t pattented anything yet, but I believe that time will come soon.

He also created a functional yet endearing little creature for my birthday. It is the birthday-bot and it has more function than flair, as it should, it was developed by the little engineer! It also resides in my studio and sits along side me at the Mac each day helping with the techno-troubles that come my way.

This was just a little insight into what takes place in the home of the Sheri Berry family. Form does follow function in some parts of the house more than others. However, flair always precedes form in the studio!

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