Friday, June 5, 2009

A return to blogging after two months!

I see that it has been two months since I last posted a blog. I had no intentions of waiting so long, but all got too busy and so it goes!

I have spent the last two months preparing for and exhibiting at a licensing show, Surtex, which is in NYC each May. We have attended for three years now and thought it would be fun to show you where my last two months went. Usually, I prepare for the show for about a month getting my seven displays and a few other goodies ready for the show.

This show, as I am told, is the best for artists who want to license with many types of manufacturers both here, in the US and throughout the world. I have found it to be a great show for my type of art and have made fabulous contacts as a result with other artists and manufacturers.

This year's show was no exception. We met up with old friends, found new manufacturers and made new friendships with other exhibitors during the show. All in all, it was another great experience and one more step to finding the best fit for Sheri Berry Designs to call home.

To all those who happened by our booth, I hope you enjoyed it. To those who faithfully return each year, thank you. And to all the new faces we met at the show, we hope to see you again next year.

I have a few snapshots of this year's booth to share. Since I hadn't been blogging prior to this year, I thought I'd show the booth displays for Surtex 07 and Surtex 08 as well.

I hope this sheds a little more light into the Sheri Berry studio and how my days are spent leading up to the end of May each year.

Sheri Berry Booth at Surtex 2009

Sheri Berry Booth at Surtex 2008

Sheri Berry Booth at Surtex 2007

Top Five Collections in the last three years: Trick or Treat Street/Costume Club, Swell Noel, Sprout, Organic Fruitation and TikiTikes! Where are they now? Stay tuned! I'll clue you in over the next few months. ;)


Cecilia e Helena said...

Everything is so beautiful, Sheri! xoxo from Brazil,

sheree boyd said...

hey there! i love seeing all of your surtex booths from the past three years! You put some serious elbow grease into your booths! I found it difficult just printing my work on paper - haha!

i love your little halloween fabrics! so cute!!! and now that you are back to blogging i will have to 'haunt' you from time to time. :) what can i say, it's late and i'm feeling loopy...need chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just love love love SPROUT!!!! :) I am keeping an eye on your blog for more info!! :)