Friday, April 9, 2010

Who’s got the cutest little baby face?

I shared this collection with you back in the fall (refer to the September 28 posting) when I debuted these cutest little baby faces. I made the basic pinks and blues to keep with tradition but created an additional colorway for the parent who may want to veer off the pink or blue path.

When our first baby came we were prepared to be surprised, not knowing if we would get a boy or girl. It was important to me to decorate in colors that would work for either kind of baby and my color choices were olive green and tomato red. This coming from a person whose favorite colors are pink, moss and robin egg blue. However, the room needed to be gender neutral and so it was.

Back then it was impossible to find any bedding in olive green and I remember finding a great set of vintage sheets in that very recognizable “avacado green” from back in the 70’s. Now I can pick up a crib sheet in any of those great colors, but this family has moved on. It’s time to decorate for a college dorm room and our search is on for anything 80’s. I could just pull out my old college room decor, but my daughter has her own ideas. That’s okay. Every generation needs to believe they are the first to discover that latest trend (even though the parents have been through it once already and the grandparents, at least twice). Now you have gotten my opinion on trends. Let’s just say, give anything 25 to 30 years and here it comes again.

Okay, so back to Baby Face and the need for a neutral palette. The patterns and icons developed for this collection were also designed to be gender neutral with lots of basic shapes and typical baby gear. The added element that this collection provides is a family tree. I believe in the need to learn and keep family history. This is a little project I designed to personalize the “rock-a-bye baby” with a “family tree” theme.

Our kids may believe they are the first to know trends, or go through experiences, but they need to be reminded once in a while who has been there before and who those family members were. We all know the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

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Becci said...

Super cute! I especially love the tree panel, that is just precious! :)