Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out of the woods . . . and into the world

Today I get to share my favorite children’s collection. I started developing it when I was three, wearing a little woodland dress and being a bit of an imp from the woods, myself. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch, but the seed was planted back in that little forest of long ago.

The collection, Woodland Tails, is scattered about with enchanted creatures of the forest floor, and walls and any other place you can only image this little gathering of charming misfits. They did find a home to call their own, but I can’t share that location with you, not quite yet. I will let you know where and when to find the gang and how to adopt them into your own home.

I have the little creatures packed up and ready for display again this year for my show in May. A couple of years ago I took them along when the gang was just beginning to gather, but now they are a full pack, ready to assemble in the Big Apple. I will share those Woodland Tails remixed photos from the show once I’m back, but until then, I have a few pics from the Woodland Tails premixed show from 2007.

The fun thing about this collection is that it has appeal to a wide age-range. It can charm the babies and the babes. My seventeen year old just altered her composition book with the pattern of the creatures intertwined-with-vines on a bright poppy ground. The coral canvas shoes are another fave of hers.


Becci said...

Is this growth chart a real thing somewhere?? Cute!!!

pibsquared said...

I absolutely love Woodland tails. I wish I could find some of these items in your pictures. Unfortunately the fabric is limited and even then I did not know you had some prints that had the darker background. They are all whitish- pink, blue, green, or just cream. I love the growth chart but must of missed out of that one.