Monday, April 12, 2010

If the cute fits, wear it!

It’s time to share more Sprout with you. Last year I created this collection (see posting on March 16, 2009) to appeal to those who have a strong desire to nurture, as well as an appreciation for nature. I displayed the collection at last year’s show in the form of baby clothes to reach the children’s apparel audience as well as nursery decor and fabric manufacturers.

Well, lets just say you won’t find these little outfits in Baby Gap or Land of Nod, so maybe I’ll have to start manufacturing them myself. :) Until that day, enjoy the little virtual line of clothes . . . we will call SherWear, complete with logo.


eatmoresmores said...

Love this!

Becci said...

This is one line that I am just dying for it to come out- as fabric or paper! Just LOVE it! How about a one piece outfit for the girls?? Maybe with a side tie or snap and feet? That would be perfect!!