Monday, April 19, 2010

Modern Basics Geared for Toddlers

Another collection I have been working on for the show in a few weeks is geared for the parents of babies who prefer a modern style, thus the name ModTod. It’s basic without boring, it’s tech without geek, it’s whimsy without fancy. The colors are so cool, they’re hot. What more could you want? :)

When we had our baby boy almost thirteen years ago I would have loved to find prints out in this style, and I’m not even mod or tech. The gears say it all. Our boy, who is totally tech, inspired this collection. He’s always inventing, always constructing and always gearing up for the next engineering project.

When he was born I found a vintage illustration that I used for his baby announcement. It is of a toddler examining the mechanics of a kitchen egg beater. We thought it the perfect icon for what we imagined our baby boy might be about, at least as he grew older. Funny, that’s just as it seems all these years later.

So, to those who are more contemporary than traditional, more mod than retro, more less than more, I present ModTod.

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