Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bits & Snips

Bits & Snip, the Earthen collection

There are a number of basic patterns that have shown up with slight variations within my collections. Well, in the spirit of recycling I have now compiled them into a collection of their own named Bits & Snips. This basic set of designs can be easily combined with many of the themes I create.

I have designed a multitude of colorways and wanted to share them with you. It’s hard to pick a favorite color palette, as I believe just about any color has beauty when used in the right combination. And it’s hard to say some colors are in, when all colors are in, just in the right way and with the right mixes.

I will be the first to admit that 80’s sea-foam green, mauve and country blue replaced 70’s harvest gold, avocado green and poppy red. However, any color can have its place any given decade, as long as it knows what color-neighbors to live next to and what kind of lighting makes it most lovely. This is how we get to enjoy all the hues whether they are bright, muted, pastel, drab, compliments, tonal and even neutrals. So, enjoy Bits & Snips in all its many colors!

Bits & Snip, the Vineyard collection

Bits & Snip, the Harvest collection

Bits & Snip, the Holiday collection

Bits & Snip, the Soothing collection

Bits & Snip, the Sherbet collection

Bits & Snip, the Essentials collection

Bits & Snip, the Springtime collection

Bits & Snip, the Sunshine collection

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GemmaBeads said...

I love your color combinations, artistry and style!