Thursday, April 5, 2012

The hunt is on

Easter is just around the corner and I have a few more ideas to share with you for your little Easter egg hunters.
I have taken the Sweet Peeps Cupcake Toppers and made them into little yard name tag signs that will be great for each of the visitors at the party. The cupcake toppers can be found here at LD and the name flags can be made from some of the Sweet Peeps Paper Pack on LD.
To make the yard signs I simply printed and cut out the round cupcake toppers (two each to sandwich the stick between). I also used some precut spring paper flowers (but silk flowers would also work, separated out) to slide up the bamboo skewer between the name flag and the topper.
I dyed each bamboo skewer with food coloring to get the different green sticks. These sticks are great because they are thin enough for the paper crafting and strong enough to stick in the ground for signs.
In order to dye the sticks I used cotton balls with food coloring and a bit of water, rubbing different greens and turquoises on the sticks for variety. They dry quickly once dyed. I would recommend wearing rubber gloves to keep the hands dye-free. Unless of course you want to go green. :)
The only thing left to do was to dye eggs, to have plenty for the hunt. Oh how I love dying Easer eggs. Such wonderful memories from my own childhood.
I also dyed larger skewers for the animal signs that will sprinkle my lawn.

So, sunshine or sprinkles, I say let the hunt begin!

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