Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hide and Seek with the Costume Clubhouse kids

I have an update on the hiding of the Costume Clubhouse kids. They have just been spotted. My Costume Clubhouse halloween collection is now back on Lettering Delights and ready to sport their costumes again. Well, it’s hardly halloween season, but this collection is also about to be released as fabric with Riley Blake Designs, so you might want to get these cute kids in paper crafting with LD to coordinate with your decor and sewing projects from the Costume Clubhouse fabric collection I have with RBD.

Here’s a sneak peek of the fabric collection with RBD which is available in April. This collection shares many of the same characters and activities that you will also find in the paper crafted items with LD. Below are the three colorways of fabric available for the Costume Clubhouse collection.

Above is the purple colorway in fabric for Costume Clubhouse.

Above is the orange colorway in fabric for Costume Clubhouse.

Above is the gray colorway in fabric for Costume Clubhouse.

If you want to get a jump on the halloween sets on Lettering Delights you can go to my artist page (pages 2 and 3) at LD and review the many paper crafting projects and decor from these costume kids now that they are back home where they belong. Just think, halloween decorating is only about six months away, so get in the spirit now! :)

You can also start looking for the Costume Clubhouse fabrics in quilt shops and online stores any day now.


Miladylc said...

Bless You Sheri, I want all the Costume Clubhouse fabric to go with the full LD Costune Clubhous items I got, and Thank you for getting the Holiday Frosting sets back on LD as well there were a few I still need then I will have every thing in both sets. I also got all of the Swet Peeps Collection, those are SO Awesome.
Thank you Sheri

About Sheri said...

Miladylc~you actually informed me that Holiday Frosting was back up on LD, thanks for the heads up and of course for being about my art. Too sweet of you!

Miladylc said...

No thank you for all the Awesome Items You Create for us LD fans,
I have 3 favorite artist that create things for Lettering Delights,You,Rani and Jill,
So I always Keep My Eye out for New Items from you 3 ladys,

lol : ) Still Hoping to see some Kitty's Like the one drom Kitty Dwelling and More of that Awesome Owl you do ,and the House,Church in the snow for Holidays Thank You Sherri for all you do for us LD Fans