Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All in the Family

Okay, so today I just have to share a proud moment and a link or two from one of my favorite photographers, my Dad! (photo of him below)
He’s about to have a gallery show opening on Thursday evening in Portland, Maine at the Elizabeth Moss Galleries. Here is a story in The Portland Press Herald about the upcoming show, including a few photos to show off his work, which this daughter praises highly. :)

Here is a bit of the story about his show from the newspaper ~“McCulley calls this exhibition “A Digital Homage to Edward Hopper.” As the title suggests, it’s a personal tribute to the famous American painter, who spent time in Portland in the 1920s and made several iconic paintings of the city. “I’m not trying to copy him,” McCulley said. “But he certainly inspires me.” McCulley looks for similar qualities that Hopper appreciated: Light, subject and composition.” All of his images are digitally enhanced, brightening the colors and adding textures that appear painterly.

To learn more about Clyde McCulley’s photography and see his entire gallery of art, click here to go directly to his website.

If you can’t make it to the show, at least you can appreciate via the internet. That’s how I have to enjoy the show as well, long distance. Sure wish I could be there.


Becci said...

Wow- I love the lighthouse art, so pretty! They are all fantastic, definitely someone to be proud of! :)

Pete said...

Way to go, Clyde! Beautiful work ... hope all's well for you and Sue.

Sheri -- great looking new line for R.B. Congratulations! Best to you, Tom, Shelby, and Logan!

Pete and Kate Spain