Monday, May 2, 2011

Paradise Found and a Tiki Idol too

If the weather is too cold for you up north, you might like to head south to the beautiful, tropical islands of Hawaii where it really does seem like paradise. This is a place I have only visited in books and photos, and of course through the famous Brady Bunch episode when the entire family, including housekeeper Alice, all venture to the islands for a family vacation.

The Bradys’ version of Hawaii goes something like this~Bobby discovers the good, or maybe bad luck, tiki idol. Greg discovers more girls, this time Hawaiian style. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, Jan and Cindy discover blondes can also hula. Carol and Alice discover 70’s fashion (and we wish they hadn’t). Mike discovers perms, which interestingly enough he hadn’t when the episode begins:). Peter is left to discover once again that he’s just the brother in the middle, but hey, he got to go to Hawaii and meet the notorious villain, Vincent Price.~side note here, my mom met Vincent Price and what do you know, he was actually the nicest man, not a mean bone in the sweet man’s body. So, let’s just say, the Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii~Priceless!

Well, our trip to Hawaii may be a little different from the Brady version, but wee do have a cuter guide, Aloha the adorable Hawaiian maiden; tiki idols to bring good luck; hula dancers; tropical birds; and beautiful island flowers. So, if you haven’t been to Hawaii yet, get a perm, put on your bell-bottoms and travel back to 1972. Better yet, live vicariously through the Wee are the World, Aloha set, until you can take a trip to the tropical islands and search for the tiki idol that Bobby left behind. By now it is vintage, and worth much, much more. ;)

Until next time~Aloha!

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barbg said...

I love this, Sheri (all of the "wee are the world" series). By the way, I still have Vincent Price's autograph--somewhere!