Friday, April 29, 2011

Eskimo kisses from the north

I hear this winter never seems to end up north, but how far north must one go to see snow year-round? Well, one can be certain that if they get up to the polar region, they are sure to find Mukluk, his little sister, Mookie, and their polar friends enjoying the snow, be it winter, spring or fall.

Mukluk is the northern most set in the Wee Are the World collection. However I’ve made sure to balanced out the cold, icy blues in the patterns with some warm magenta pinks and poppy reds, and a little glowing green tossed in, all reminiscent of the Northern Lights, Mookie and Muk-luky ;) are lucky enough to enjoy.

Until next stop, sending Eskimo kisses from the polar north.

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Madame Samm said...

Hi Sheri, I want to put a button of yours on
to announce you as a new designer...
Jina told me about you...but I can't find one for you...
help me to help