Tuesday, May 3, 2011

South of the Border

Okay, so Mexico is south of the border, but that’s because I live right in the middle of the states. I bet for some of you Mexico is north, east, or even west of your swell-dwellings.

I’m a little partial to Mexico, so maybe that’s why I saved Poncho and his collection for the last of the Wee sets. The reason I have a soft spot for the land to my south is because I had the opportunity to live in Mexico for a brief time when I was a little girl. Mind you, it was quite brief and I was very little, but it still lingers in my mind today.

I think what I remember most were the rich colors, whether they were painted on homes, worn by the people, or bursting from the beautiful bugambilias and other native plants.

In the Poncho set I have mingled those strong Latin hues as I remember them from childhood. I’ve even tossed in a texture from the scratchy burlap bag I remember getting in Mexico, and I have pulled from memory a few traditional icons and tile patterns for this collection.

Whatever border you are north, south, east or west of, I hope you’ll take a little trip of your own sometime and experience the colors and cultures of another land. Even this girl from Kansas knows that while there’s no place like home, there’s no better way to experience the home of others than to go there.

Wee could only share the virtual trip around the world, but are glad you took the trip with us. Until next time, adios from Poncho, and his amigos ~ Aloha, Mukluk, Sushi, Tajie, Dutchy, Bongo and Frenchy!


barbg said...

I love these colors, Sheri Berry! Good job on this whole collection of "Wee are the World." It's great!

Christi said...

okay--call me a dunce (for not being able to figure this out!) but where can a purchase this whole set of wee are the world? I absolutely love these designs--genius...Christi in California

Sheri Berry Design Studio said...

Christi, no, no, not a dunce at all. I am still hoping to find a home for these wee kids and will let you know the minute they all are living in the same place. Hopefully on fabric, or paper goods or even figurines. Although toys would be my fave choice for them. ;)