Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York City, Here We Come!

Wednesday morning we are heading to New York City for the annual Surtex Show we have been attending for five years now. It is the show of shows for artists who are looking for manufacturers and retailers to license with or sell art to directly. The show runs from May 15-17 this year, and as always we are driving across the country to exhibit in our booth #357.

Usually Tom and I take the ten day trip alone and Grandma Barbara stays with the kids. But this year we thought it would be fun to take the kids along, show them how the show works, see what NYC is all about, and see Grandpa Clyde and Sue for a few days in the city. Then we are traveling north to a tiny island in Canada, where they live, and spending a few vacation days there.

Here are the expected highlights of the NYC trip as seen through each family member’s eyes~Logan wants to go to the Apple store in the Big Apple. I don’t think he cares about any other sites in the city more than the Apple store. Shelby wants to make sure she comes home with a patch from every site and landmark she sees to add to her national parks patch collection. Tom wants to navigate through the city without any car accidents. And I want to finally find Dr. Pepper in the city. If those things happen, the trip will be a complete success and all of the tourist trappings will be the cherry on top of the Big Apple.

Once we leave the city we are looking forward to being with family on the charming island of Grand Manan. We’ve heard wonderful things about it, and we have the best tour guides for such an occasion, lucky for us, they just happen to be family. Here’s a little peek of the Grand Manan Island and it’s charm, courtesy of Clyde and Sue McCulley (my fam) owners of SeaCliff Cottage Suites.

This trip will supply great family memories and the experiences will be well worth it. But in the end, when the sites have been seen, the long, long trip is over, and we are back in Kansas, I know everyone in this family will agree~there’s no place like home!

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kansasgirl68 said...

Sheri, Hope you had lots of fun. Hannah and I went later in May/June and had a great time. janet