Sunday, June 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite finds

When I’m not creating in the studio I’m searching for trinkets and treasures to fill the studio. The husband says I can stuff the studio to the brim, as long as it doesn’t overflow into the house. There’s a reason he says this, the house is already full to its brim with treasures I have found. This is the “is your cup half empty or half full?” question. But in this case, is the studio half empty or half full? Well, it’s not too full to bring in another delightful bit of eye candy. And so I do!

The trinkets above are bits of ephemera I have picked up over the years. The fun is in displaying these little trinkets in just the right containers. Yes, I know everybody is doing this decorative candy dish style now, but how totally fitting because it is eye candy dished up in the perfect glass containers just begging to be opened and reached into for the treasures.

Well, in the bit of thrift-roaming I allow myself each month, I recently discovered these candy dishes at a neighborhood estate sale. My eyes zeroed in on the target, my hands quickly followed and before you know it, I was the delighted owner of these containers ready to be repurposed with Sheri’s stash-o-trinkets. Now I have the eye candy just a glance away from the otherwise constant stares of the monitor.

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Anonymous said...

How cool can that be. I love the eye candy!