Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sakura, the pride of Japan, the icon of resilience

It is cherry blossom season, and though these lovely and delicate flowers can be seen throughout the world, there is no place more recognizable for these beautiful flowering trees than in Japan.

The sakura, or cherry blossom, is the icon for Japanese art and culture, and today it has become the icon for resilience in the country. One of Japan’s oldest trees, a weeping cherry tree has stood for a thousand years, blossoming every year despite blizzards, earthquakes and, now, a nuclear disaster. Even through this recent catastrophe, it once again showers its beautiful blossoms down on the people giving them hope that they too will recover. Ironically it is a weeping cherry tree; iconically it is a symbol of resilience.

When I designed this Sushi collection, the disasters of Japan has not yet occurred. It would be thoughtless of me to share the musings of Sushi and her story today; so just enjoy the art as it is given, and keep the people of Japan in your heart and in your prayers.

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Becci said...

Very pretty! :) I love how sweet she looks and the prints are darling :)