Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Likables

What do you get when you blend Liddle Kiddles with It’s a Small World? Wee are what you get! I have been developing this collection in my head for a number of years, and finally is has become a finish collection. It is Wee Are the World and it is finally ready for the world.

It all began over 30 years ago when I visited Disneyland and sat in the little boat traveling around the world, the Small World, that is. I immediately fell in love with the adorable children from all over the globe and the artist who designed them, Mary Blair, the amazing one. So, needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Small World.

Now, go back another decade from that 30 years, and you’ll see little Sheri Berry playing on the floor with her teeny tiny Kiddles. These were the tiniest little dolls of the time. And they even had tinier little caged animals, called Zooleries, as their pets. I had a few, wish I’d have saved them. I know the appeal for me was in the minuteness of these little people. They were compact and just as cute as they could be. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

These two childhood experiences, along with a song I learned before I could even read, All the Children of the World, have stuck with me, so much so, that I could hardly stand it until I could create my own version of all the little children of the world. Well, at least eight little children anyway.

As you can see at top, the children are Mukluk, Frenchy, Tajie, Poncho, Sushi, Dutchy, Bongo and Aloha. I have also been sending these little guys to the girls, the college girls I postcard at each week. The scene art above is of those postcards.

Over the next few weeks I will share the collections of each of these sweet children and the accessories, if you will, for each. What I’m referring to is the patterns which accompany each person. I have learned a bit about the regions and culture to give each their own identity.

So, while my identity may be wrapped up in Small World and Liddle Kiddles, hopefully the identity of these wee people will wrap around your heart and find a place to stay.


Becci said...

I wish these were fabrics! When Katie (now almost 4) was a baby, "It's a Small World" was the only song that would calm her down. I would sing it so often to her! We will be taking her next year for our first family trip to Disneyland- so exciting! At that time Katie will be 5, Livie 2, and I will be turning 30. So kinda for all of our birthdays. Plus my husband of course, who doesn't LOVE Disneyland as much as I do. :)

Christi said...

love love love Mary Blair's artwork too! I really thank you for working on this collection--it makes me smile...