Sunday, May 2, 2010


What’s cookin’ now? A spin on retro for the kitchen. This collection, KitschNMixer, is another that I had at the show for those looking for kitchen art. It’s a little mod, it’s a little retro, and it’s just enough kitsch to be cool.

Here are photos of the display with a variety of ideas that any kitchen could warm up to. My favorite sample is the muffin tin and my favorite pattern is the ‘kitchen spinners’ which are varying colors and sizes of twirling utensils.

It is one of a variety of patterns that was also used for products I designed for C. R. Gibson and I believe they still have a few pieces from the collection on their website. You can look to the right on my blog under “looking for Sheri Berry” to be directed to the C. R. Gibson site for these products. Some of the products are shown below.

In order from top to bottom: Recipe Memory Book, Take Out Menu Organizer, Recipe Scrapbook, and Magnetic Weekly Calendar (on bottom right)

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