Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gather around and pretend it’s autumn

It hardly feels like autumn outside as the trees are fully green and flowers are popping up everywhere. Yet, here in the studio I crank up the air conditioner, put on a sweater, and imagine autumn breezes twirling colorful leaves about me. So, if that’s what it takes to get in the mood for an autumn collection this time of year that’s okay, because I love just about everything there is about autumn.

I have always wanted to create a collection for this season that is a little bit harvest, a little bit thanksgiving, and a lot of little bitty. Therefore I give you Wee Gather Together.

It doesn’t matter what the season is; if I hear the tune from the hymn We Gather Together I am instantly drawn to my childhood and right back to the Thanksgiving table. I can’t think of a song that better fits the season for giving thanks, and I can’t think of a name that better fits this menagerie of little creature gathering for their harvest.

The complete collection is shown above and below are a few of my faves from the set.


Petit Debutant said...

I love the little raccoon. This whole line is super cute!

Kigwit said...

This is adorable. But is it paper or fabric?

Spice Berry Cottage said...

Hi Sheri,
I love this line. Will this be on fabric as I need to buy it now!!!!

Rachael said...

love, Love, LOVE this!! I hope that it is fabric & where can I get it??!! Of course I would be fine if it were scrapbooking paper too but I can already see a quilt!

Sara said...

I love this design!!!