Monday, May 3, 2010

Eat your fruits and veggies

How much more would I have liked eating my peas and carrots when I was a kid if only they would have looked like these? When you love colors, and patterns, and textures, and shapes as much as I do, you even want it in your food. Sure, the taste, that matters too I guess, but it’s the look of these veggies that would have made me more willing to eat them as a kid.

This is a collection I first brought you last spring. You can learn more about it on my posting from April 3, 2009. The collection is called Organic Fruitation and has been developed for the kitchen, outdoor kitchen, gardening area, sunroom or any place you like to go picnicking or go organic.

Much of my style of illustration is done directly on the computer, but this collection gave me the opportunity to get my pen and paper out and doodle around, play around really. I even started to feel a little organic myself. Au naturel!

This is the complete collection with a few additional ideas for the cook in the kitchen. Many of the patterns could also work well for gardening supplies and outdoor lawn furniture.

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Becci said...

I loved this collection since I first saw it (last year)- ADORABLE! Love those aprons and tea towels!