Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Room With a Coo

A baby’s room is the first place to make a statement about that new little bundle of joy. So make that joyful setting perfect for the new family member with these decorative touches.
I have used the In a Little Teacup alphabet and number cards as a border for this nursery. These are from the Little Teacup graphics sets on Lettering Delights. Each card is printed and trimmed to 5 x 7 with rounded corners and sits on the chair railing of the room.
In keeping with the theme of the teacup animals I pulled one of my favorite coffee cups from the kitchen and happily repurposed it with my stuffed animal squirrel (from the Woodland Tails collection). I also found a pink velvet dress at my local thrift-haven and embellished it with one of my little felt bears (from the My Deer My Darling collection).
My love of handmade embroidery also played a part in the nursery. I hand stitched the “C is for Cat” letter as a wall hanging above the alphabet cards. These embroidery patterns of the teacup animals will soon be available in my Etsy shop.
The number cards also line the room to complete the decor of this soft and sweet nursery.
To get the alphabet and number card designs in this colorway (the girl set) or in the boy colorway click here and choose from the “Little Teacup Alphabet Cards” or “Little Teacup Number Cards” to print and trim. Use heavy cardstock when printing to have sturdy cards for display.
A baby’s coo is one of the sweetest sounds to the ear. A room where those first coos are heard should be as sweet and happy as those sounds.


Brooke said...

wonderful designs and ideas!!

Becci said...

I love it all and that stuffed animal squirrel is TOO CUTE!!!! :)