Friday, August 24, 2012

Regift with a twist. It’s an art!

Let’s face it, we have all regifted at some time or another, or at least regifted with a twist. I’m here to show you some fun ways to regift with an upgrade. In other words how to become an A+ gift giver.
I’ll start with these darling baby shoes. I found them at my local thrift-haven for $1.98 with the original price tag still attached of $98.00. They are Italian brand handmade shoes by Little Raggio and they are about the cutest little shoes I’ve ever seen. I’m sure they’ve never been worn, at least not by a speed walker, but possibly a super scooter. I recovered a baby shoe box with papers from my Little Teacup Paper set on LD and placed these twinkle toe shoes inside with a bit of soft pink tissue. Oh my word, I wish I could fit into them myself.
Another treasure from the thrift pile, though this time a vintage baby rattle, has an upgrade with new designs from the Little Teacup paper pack and a little bit of two tone embroidery floss wrapped around the handle. This rattle has a charming sound, and now with its two sided design can bring that charm to baby.
I used the groups of animals in a teacup pattern on one side of the rattle and the alphabet pattern on the other side. Again, these patterns are available at LD in the Little Teacup paper pack.
I am a fan of the vintage wooded nursery products by a German company named Irmi. (to learn more about Irmi go here). While I never had the mobiles or lamps in my room when I was a tot, I do have a number of the lamps in my studio now, and a few of the darling mobiles waiting for just the right babies to come along. One of my dear friends is about to have a little girl and this Irmi mobile is ready to join the welcoming committee for that precious little one. 
So, when you have a gift you want to give and you know it’s had a previous life, likely a good one, you want that receiver to know it’s not just regifting, but the reliving of that gift to a new home and a new life with someone who is brand spanking new.
I thought the common phrase for all brides something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue was the perfect sentiment for this and other gifts for the new baby. Well, that is, the phrase with a twist. I like to think of it as something old, something new, something pink, and even blue! Yes, I do have something new for the tiny one and even something blue, and of course something pink. :) So, the sentiment is just right and became the perfect phrase for this gift card.

The card reads welcome little one on one side and the something . . . phrase on the reverse, tucking into a card pouch and dangling from the boxed mobile.

The reverse side of the card pouch simply reads bless this home with love and joy.
Start thinking of regifting in a new and creative way. It gives you the excuse to treasure hunt at your local estate sales and thrift shops. It gives you the opportunity to be creative with handmade or remade gifts. And it gives you a new mark on gift giving. That is, an A+ mark! Now, don’t forget to start some of that regifting by using the sweet paper pattern designs and gift boxes (baby blocks) from the Little Teacup collection on Lettering Delights and enjoy the art of regifting.


barbgep said...

I love it, Sheri. The shoes are so cute. It's all very neat.

Becci said...

I love all the little goodies- what fun! I did check the euro size chart and looks like Liv wears the next size larger, haha- rats! :) SUPER cute shoes, my word!