Friday, January 28, 2011

My Incredible Instructables Son

It’s time to share the creative genes with you all. This entry is all about my incredible son, Logan. He and his dad have a tremendous amount in common. Let’s just say the apple, it’s right next to the tree. Oh, he gets a little from yours truly, but his amazing ability to engineer with such precision, his attention to detail, the ease to which he can visualize, all comes straight from his dad, not to mention his capability of writing with such accuracy. This he does with the ability to come across with the aw shucks, anyone can do it attitude.

He has been making three dimensional paper crafted art for some time now. It started with a miniature model of the house from the 2009 Pixar movie Up (made from index cards). Then he moved on to a paper model of a cryptex, which Logan explained to me is a mechanism in which a word is spelled out to unlock a chamber that holds a secret object.

He created a prop Dagger of Time (from the movie Prince of Persia) using materials including paper, chipboard, and a light bulb. The light bulb was used for the handle with the sand of time inside. He has also made numerous other items such as a paper gun and cross bow, miniature chainsaw, and the key from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He is the constant 3-D producer in the family. I don’t think there is ever a time when a project isn’t under construction in his room or on the workbench.

Now, what makes this incredible son also an Instructables contributor? One of his latest projects, a corrugated cardboard shelf (shown in photo at top). Logan built the shelf and then posted a how-to guide on the popular website Soon his Instructable became popular and is now listed in the featured section. So far it has been viewed and commented on many times. The Instructable can be viewed at the following link. Amazing Cardboard Shelf!

Logan also likes working on animation related projects and has a love of movies and their production. You can view one of his animations here: A Tiny Animation.

Whatever my incredible thirteen-year-old becomes one day will likely have something to do with what he enjoys now. What he has become so far amazes me and makes me proud. And it’s not even his creations, it’s that he is such a great kid. Thanks Logan, you are my #1 son!

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