Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Case for Good Design

My daughter, Shelby, as you’ve heard, has gone off to college this year. No one starts college anymore without a laptop. Well, probably most kids already have their own before they even finish high school. Let’s just say we’re not the first on the block to get things, but when duty calls, Shelby gets her own Mac. And that she did.

The problem is, Shelby and I have a hard time finding just the right thing in products out there in the market place. One of the frustrations of being the creative fam and just wishing you could design and produce it yourself. There is many a time I have seen this creative girl reconstruct, redesign and re-Shelbyfy items that need a special style she can be all about. The latest creation comes in a laptop case to keep her beloved Mac protected in.

As her mom is a huge collector of almost anything retro-30’s-40’s-50’s (other than actual full-sized cars), Shelby has her pick of nostalgic fabrics at her fingertips. She is quite the seamstress and dabbles in hand-stitched embroidery work. She’s a natural at it. She does not use patterns, but prefers to come up with her own, more or less wings it, and every time it comes out perfect. (This mom can say that; I can be proud, while the kids stay humble:)

She found these neat quilter pieces from my retro stash and voila, here is her one-of-a-kind laptop case embellished with name and sequins.

Case closed, Shelby’s got a great eye for design!


Shelby said...

Awww thanks mom! Yeah, I'm pretty much all that :) Great post, love you and can't wait to see you next week! Stay warm :)

Becci said...

That's so cute, great job with it! :)