Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nouveau, Nouveau?

When something is even newer of the new, what do you call it? The collection I have shared on another occasion or two is called Beau Nouveau, or New Beauty. Well, I have just remixed the collection once again and now it’s New, New Beauty or in French maybe it would be called Beau Nouveau, Nouveau. Whatever the case, here is a reblending of a favorite floral collection that I have designed.

Some of elements within the collection will be showing up on my new website. Yes, my “nouveau” website is on its way and hopefully I will be able to “sher” it with you by Valentine’s Day. That would make my heart happy, anyway. This new website is way overdue and hopefully it will provide the opportunity to see more clearly the collections I am working on, the products that are being produced and latest news and information about Sheri Berry Designs.

I have been in the design stage of a number of new collections over the last few weeks, months even, and plan to share sneak peaks of many of them over the next month or so.

Stay tuned, and share the news with your peeps when the nouveau website is up and running. Let’s just refer to that as SherWhere, so when they say “where do I find Sher?” You just direct them to my SherWhere site known as Sheri Berry Designs.

Happy New Year to all. May your nouveau year be filled with many blessings. Sher

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