Saturday, August 1, 2009

Check Out Take Out

I just discovered my “Chinese Take Out” fabric collection on the Fat Quarter Shop website. The release for these fabrics is due out in September or October. To get a peek at the entire collection go to the Northcott website and you will see both colorways available. There is the teal and brown set which is my personal favorite and the lime and black set as well.

To learn more about this collection you can scroll down to an earlier post dated Thursday, February 26, “Far East, but not so far away” in which I talk about the inspiration for this collection.

I am hoping to make some pj’s out of the “swaying lanterns” or “big fish, little pond” print. I’d love to hear what any of you might make with the fabrics.

Here is a bit of the song by Erving Berlin “Little Fish in a Big Pond”

A little fish in a big pond has gotta have lots of heart
For swimming around are big fish, but if he’s the least bit smart

Back to his little pond he doesn’t go
The little fish spreads his fins and begins to
grow, grow, grow.


Beth said...

Hi Sherri! I've been drooling over Chinese Takeout for about a month! FatQuarterShop is such a tease to post it so early. I will be buying Wasabi and I think it will make a great non-traditional baby quilt!

Dusty said...

This is just beautiful! If I can find it locally, I think I'll be making a purse out of the Tofu colorway, actually maybe 2!

The Raudenbush Family said...

This is the print I'm looking for! Do you know if any can still be found anywhere?????