Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip to National Parks

This past month, we finally got a chance to take a long-awaited road trip through many of the National Parks in the southwest. Shelby, my daughter, has posted photos to her blog, recapping our adventures out west. My personal fave was Bryce Canyon National Park. If you’ve never gone to some of these parks, I highly recommend it, as we had a great time and enjoyed the time spent together.

This is one of the many postcards we collected from our trip. The art is based on posters from the WPA’s Federal Art Project (1935-43).

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Crafty-Wafty said...

Just found your fabics at my local quilt shop and LOVE them so I came to your blog to see what else you have out in the world. I LOVE the yarns and tails art. So cute! I hope you are having good luck and your collections continue to grow!