Thursday, August 27, 2009

Growing, Growing, Gone!

It doesn’t take long to out grow a growth chart, well, for most people anyway. I’m still hoping to reach that goal. At a tiny 4'11" I still have room to grow, but not expecting that to happen. My daughter has passed me by with four of five inches to spare. My son is gaining on me and I expect by next year I will become the shortest member in the family.

That’s one of those things you have a hard time foreseeing when you have little ones for so many years. Amazingly, it goes so quickly, and before you know it the kids are growing, growing, and then one day gone. Enjoy your kids while they’re little and look up to them as they grow. They look up to you right now!

These are the growth charts for the Child’s Play with Kate and Nate collection. A few additional inches have been added from the typical chart to give you just a little more time to watch your little ones sprout up.


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Ellen said...

I love this. I have been looking for a growth chart for my girl.This one is perfect, can't wait to find it.

Maureen said...

Looking at Sheri's fabric designs for the first time i am overwhelmed. She is so talented and her designs take me back to my childhood. I would love these height charts for my little grandson and grandaughters they are so so beautiful and would be a lovely accent in a childs bedroom........I hope they become available in the UK