Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cut Flowers Easter projects to enjoy all spring

I have a new set for the Cut Flowers collection that is for Easter and springtime. This new groups of sets includes three dimensional panorama eggs, Easter baskets, silhouette eggs, lots of Easter themed animals and nature icons, words and phrases, cupcake wraps and of course the perfect bouquet of Easter flowers to create for this springtime celebration. All of the sets in the Cut Flowers Easter collection are for cut-it files and some will even be easy to cut by hand, should you not have a cutting machine to help you do the work. You can get these files at Lettering Delights by clicking here to get directly to the collection and start hunting for your Easter treasures.


The photos above shows you what is possible to make with the panorama egg set. You can see the art here (also above) of the files you will get in this set. I will give a tutorial of this project on my blog this week, so keep checking back for the details.

You will also be able to make Easter baskets that are square like a berry basket or a hexagon shaped basket. The photo above shows you how these baskets look. You can see the art here (also above) of the files you will get in this set. I will also give a tutorial in detail of this project on my blog during the week.

You always know it’s Easter time when you start seeing crocuses and daffodils blooming outside. This Easter you can even force these flowers to bloom even if the weather outside isn’t quite ready if you get the Easter flowers files from the Cut Flowers collection. Above you will see a few photos of the flowers available along with the set of files to make this beautiful Easter bouquet. The flowers in this set are daffodil, hyacinth, crocus, tulip, Easter lily and lily of the valley. I will also give an in depth tutorial on how to make these flowers on a blog post this week, so remember to check in frequently.

One of my favorite looks in design is a silhouette style of art. I have created a set of silhouette eggs for this Easter holiday to use in many craft projects and decor. You will also be able to get this set of files on LD to create your own Easter theme. Above you will see a photo and the set of files available. Again, I will have a tutorial during the week on how to make these silhouette eggs.

In addition to the files you have seen above, you will find cupcake wraps, Easter and springtime words and phrases and icons available in this complete set of Cut Flowers Easter theme now available on Lettering Delights to use for many projects and crafts this time of year (see images below).

This image (below) shows the complete set of Cut Flowers Easter theme, now available on LD, so hop on over and start preparing for Easter each day this week!

Happy crafting for a Happy Easter!

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