Friday, October 26, 2012

Monkey see, monkey do!

Daughter and nephew are experiencing new adventures daily in far away lands. Some they are loving, some, not so much. They were at “The Rock” the other day, ya know, the Rock of Gibraltar, and they enjoyed the moment with the local monkeys. Needless to say, when one said monkey see, the other replied, okay, monkey do. Photos were snapped and rapidly uploaded to Facebook and onto her blog about the happenings of these two Spainiacs. 
The not so great moments of the trip to Gibraltar and on to Morocco ended (or I should say stayed with them) in the form of food poisoning. Let’s just say that is some monkey business they would rather not have been a part of.

They returned from this week long school trip; having learned much about souther Spain, its architecture and culture; then quickly had a few days of classes and are now off to yet another group of European landmarks to the north. Oh, what will be on their heads next?

Here are my two silly monkeys . . .

. . . and the rock!

Little side note: these two kids are not just close cousins, they are twin cousins, born on same day one score and some odd months ago.

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barbgep said...

Sheri, I love this---from the hooded towel that Becci made to the pictures of the kids. I especially like the post cards you made of the kids. They are really cute!