Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Terra~Flourish Wedding

In a few short days my niece will be getting married and I am honored to have been involved in the preparation of this wedding. As she and her fiancé decided on the details of this event they asked me to design the invitation for the wedding.
This ceremony and reception will be an outdoor event and they wanted the invitation to reflect that, so we took elements of nature and blended them with a bit of flourish. 

The wedding ceremony will be a wonderful mixture of nature, color, texture, elegance and simplicity. I like to think of it as a terra~flourish event, just enough ornament to make it special, yet set in nature to keep it real.
What a treat to not only be involved in the wedding, but to have had this opportunity to spend many enjoyable hours with my dear niece. I will forever remember it fondly.

Megan and Elijah, may this wedding day be the beginning of a wonderful life together full of special moments set on a backdrop of reality. Congratulations! May you terra~flourish!


Candice @ Made With Love said...

The invitations are absolutely stunning! Congrats to your niece! :)

Brooke said...

How much fun for you!! Love the design!

Becci said...

Oh my goodness, those are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Alyssa said...

Hi Sheri :)

I saw this absolutely stunning invitation on Pinterest and tracked it down to your blog!!! (I promise I wasn't stalking you lol)

Anyways, I was wondering if you seel them at all! I'm in process of planning my wedding and your invitation has been my favorite by far.

I'm just checking out my options and figured it didn't hurt to ask :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

xo Alyssa
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