Friday, March 2, 2012

Pen Pals from My Land to Thailand

Get your pen, because the Wee Are The World pals are back and ready to correspond with you and your neighbors, near and far.

I have twelve stationery sets of Wee Are The World kids, one for each pal from the collection. They are the sweetest, little sets for you to get and share with you local pals and friends across the seas. If you like them all you can even get the complete Wee stationery sets for a special deal.

The stationery sets are now available at Lettering Delights and you can get right to them by clicking on my Sheri’s Creations sign at right or click here. Each stationery set comes with a card, two notes, three labels and an envelope.

You can see each of these sets below, complete with all seven pieces. The sets available are Frenchy, Mukluk, Sushi, Tajie, Nina, Bongo, Tiki, Poncho, Dutchy, Java, Tawni and Cairo. They are only grouped in pairs below to save space, but are sold individually on LD.

Below is a sample of one stationery set similar to what you will get from LD. You will simply print, trim, fold, and glue the pieces. The only thing left to do is write to your pals and send. Please note, these envelopes cannot be sent in the mail as is, they are legally too small, and of course the free postage stamps cannot be used for actual postage. They are just for cuteness sake. :)

Above is a sample of the Mukluk set; trimmed, folded, and ready for use.

I also have a freebie to share! It is a set of twelve postage stamps to complete the sets. The postage stamps are designed to match the wee kids, and you can download them free here or at my U-Pick sign (at right, then choose the file title WeePostageStamps) to help decorate your wee envelopes. You can reduce the file before printing to 50% to get a traditional stamp size, or keep the art at full size as a mini global gallery or other crafting projects.

Sample of free wee postage stamps (above); you must click on my U-Pick sign (at right) to download the file.

Head on over to LD to get these darling pen pal sets from the twelve global kids and share the joy of letter writing on mini cards and stationery. Think of it as a mini break from typing and texting, but an enjoyable one for you and your recipients!


-Arielle- said...

Oh Auntie I love your Wee are the world so very much--couldn't be cuter!

mommahobbit said...

This set is great .... I love the themes :)

Becci said...

The postage stamps are the freebie?!?!? My goodness, they're SOOO adorable!!! I am going to print some out for the girls to play post office with. They will flip out!!!!

Becci said...

Look at the stationary sets over at LD- SUUUUPER cute! :) Great job on them!!!

Jennifer said...

These little stamps are SO cute! Are they available to download so that I can cut them out with my cutting machine or just as a jpg to hand cut?

About Sheri said...

Jennifer, you can download them, but I did not include the cutting guide around each stamp. However, if you have a cutting machine (and software) that can making a cutting guide around the stamps I think you could cut them with the machine. Hope that help answer the question.