Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hanging with my peeps

I love garland. It can be hung in a swag, or dangled from above. It is the perfect way to get festive for a holiday, and this time, it’s for Easter. This week I got my peeps together with a few of the lucky ducks and honey bunnies from the Sweet Peeps collection on LD. I now have them playing ring around the rosie, as they twirl in the breeze on my studio porch.
This is a fun project to put together and use indoors or outside as Easter approaches. I simply used the Sweet Peeps Icons—Print Cut—file from LD to print, cut and glue together the Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks and ducks.
The eggs are made up of six identical pieces to build each egg. I glued them to the vertical axis with ribbon threaded through the middle. Then I printed two each of the bunnies, ducks and chicks (one flipped or reversed before printing to get a direct mirror image). I then glued them with the ribbon coming up from the now 3-D egg so it would also be glued between the animal pieces.

The additional flowers are made from precut and punched shapes with colored paper. I hole punched in the centers of each to thread the ribbons through. The ribbons hold tight to the flowers, so no need to glue, and this also allows for shifting the flowers up or down from the egg and animals as desired.
In order to hang the ring of friends I used an eight inch embroidery hoop and simply attached each piece of garland to the hoop with plenty of ribbon to bring all together at top and tie for hanging. I think the ribbons are about four or five feet long, so as to have plenty of length for this ring around the rosie garland, just in time for spring.

To hang out with your own peeps go to Sweet Peeps at Lettering Delights and choose from many icons, designs and patterned papers to help create and decorate for Easter in the sweetest way possible.

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