Friday, September 30, 2011

Toiletries for all you Mummies out there!

I never knew that toiletries could be so much fun, but sure enough they are. It’s time to grab a few rolls of toilet paper and buy that oval box of Kleenex tissues and get started with Halloween party planning.

I have a few Funday Freebies I want to share to start October off with a bang. It’s not too early to start thinking of the games and activities you will want to have at your halloween party and I have just the thing to get that party started. I have a Kleenex box label and toilet paper wrap for you to decorate your tissues for those little gobblins who come to the party.

Here is the mummy toilet paper label you can download (or go to the U-Pick button at the right) for the toilet tissue wraps. I have three wraps on an 11" x 17" format and you can print it, cut each one out and simply tape to the back of the rolls. Use the decorated mummy T.P. wrap for each of the teams when you play the wrap-a-mummy game. Here are a few mummy game ideas. You might even have a few wrapped and ready in the bathroom just in case the roll gets low. :)

And don’t let your party get a bad “wrap” with ordinary tissue boxes that can’t keep up with the fun. This adorable little mummy has you covered, or at least it will when you wrap those oval Kleenex tissue boxes in the label provided. There are two labels on an 8.5" x 11" format and you will need both to cover the box. Simply print it, cut each out along the edges, and tape one to each side of the oval box. I use double-stick tape, as it won’t show on the sides.

This is only the first layer of fun ideas and decorating tips I am unwrapping throughout the month of October. You and your mummy will want to check in every day to see what else Sheri-Boo-Berry has in store, and remember to get yourself and your peeps on FB and join the fun by “liking” my Sheri McCulley Studio page. There will be constant updates you won’t want to miss.

Okay, time to start planning your Halloween party. I think that about wraps it up. ;)


Nelda said...

Love your designs! I am not a Halloween fan so I am hoping (please!) for some fall or Thanksgiving wrappers! I came here from Lettering Delights.

Tiffmc said...

Just found you from Jin Yong's site and love your designs. I wish my kids were younger to appreciate the adorable mummy creations. Thanks for sharing.

Gillian said...

Love these - so fun! Must get printing and sticking:) G