Monday, November 15, 2010

Tweeting with My Chicks

Okay, so I’ve been trying to get time to remix my little vintage animals that I started back in the day before I was bloggity-blogging*. The original set has a deer (surprise:), a bear, a squirrel (who ended up as a Woodland Tails character) and a bunch of little sprigs and flowers. I am now reorganizing the menagerie and moving them a bit more toward the farmland look. I now have a little donkey, these tweeters you see here and I’m thinking about a few other barnyard buddies.

I would love to hear any critiquing or opinions on the art as I start developing this new collection. So . . . cluck, cackle, tweet, chirp, but just give me your thoughts on the little red hen and her golden peep. Ooow, and take note—I’m branching out, red is my new pink, ha, ha! Can you believe it? This may be a first. ;)

*thanks Sheree, you’re the cleverest word girl I know:)


Becci said...

I really love barnyard animals :) I love the chicks! I think a cute pig would be nice... a goat, cow... :)

Kigwit said...

Adorable. I love the kerchiefs on their heads.

Mirjam said...

I second the cow. And what's a farm without corn-stealing mice? The chicks are very cute, but perhaps they should have arms/wings?