Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stuffing Santa’s Sleigh with Swell Noel

Swell Noel is traveling the globe with a handful of products this year. It all began with papers and stickers and albums and more! The collection was distributed through K&Company, a scrapbooking company and has been spotted on QVC Britian, and here in the states. Some of the items can still be seen on the K&Company website and may be found in some of your local independent shops. However this collection got a head start last year, so the search may be challenging.

The fabric industry got a jump on Swell Noel too. Northcott Fabrics produced the collection under the name Have a Sheri Berry Holiday and many quilt shops from Canada to Australia have been carrying this collection early on to help the quilters get their gifts made for the holiday season. I’ve learned that those who quilt are a little ahead of the rest of us. :)

There is also a set of Christmas cards in Walmart. I don’t know for a fact, but I bet these little holiday scenes will be going global to stay in keeping with Walmart stores. There are four each of four designs complete with foil, rhinestones and dimensional tip-ons. Check your local Walmart any day now and search for the little round sticker in the middle of the plastic box that reads “16 fun cards” surrounded by four Swell Noel designs!

Last, but not least are the Swell Noel ornaments and table top items produced exclusively for Macy’s Holiday Lane brand. Santa’s helpers, well, my dear family and friends have been searching their regions to locate the Macy’s displays and have been sending reports on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Rumor has it that Hawaii, Puerto Rico and even Guam are catching the wave! So, if your holiday plans send you to tropical places, you know where to spend the time. :) I would go to the beach, though!

As I learn more about which regions of the states are carrying Swell Noel for Macy’s I will try to provide that information in better detail. Until then, have a swell holiday season!

Go to the posting below to see the complete collection of ornaments and decorative items for Macy’s. To learn more about the fabric collection scroll down to the posting dated Friday, June, 26, “Christmas in July.”


kate spain said...

YAY SHERI!! Congratulations on all this great exciting! Pete and i definitely plan on having a Sheri Berry holiday this year :) Good going!

karastefa said...

I saw your fabrics at Pennington Quilt Works in New Jersey; that was when I looked you up online based on info from the selvage. After reading your blog, checked my local Macy's in Rockaway, NJ, and saw the Swell Noel tree there. Great work!