Monday, November 2, 2009

Miracle on 34th Street

Kris Kringle himself would be thrilled to work at Macy’s Department Store this holiday season. While he would happily enjoy listening to the lists of toys all the children sitting on his lap are requesting for Christmas this year, there is something even more exciting for Kris and everyone else to enjoy at the department store on 34th Street as well as many, many other Macy’s stores throughout the country. That, my friends, is the Swell Noel collection by Sheri Berry Designs done exclusively for Holiday Lane at Macy’s this year.

The collection consists of a number of traditional styled glass blown ornaments, as well as other ornaments done in ceramic, metal, felt, chipboard and glitter, glitter, glitter! Below are the traditional ornaments.

There are three ornaments that resemble snow globes and also three cute little actual snow globes to hang on the tree.

The next few photos are of the other types of ornaments Macy’s produced. My personal favorites are the ceramic “Swell Noel” and “Merry Christmas” along with the ornaments in pink and green shown below.

I love, love, love these little metal snow scenes and the chipboard and glitter houses in the photos below.

There are a number of table top decorative items which have also been produced as well as three music box snow globes, one stocking, and a Chritsmas tree skirt.

I am certain that this collection will be in many parts of the country, but I also know that there are some states which will not see the Swell Noel collection. They are also not available on the Macy’s website store, as far as I know, so hopefully you live in Swell Noel land, and can get a chance to see the collection in its entirety. Unfortunately, I think I chose a state to live in where Noel won’t be so Swell this year! So, as many of you as possible, get out there and take a picture of all the fun you had in Macy’s at the Swell Noel tree and enjoy it for me too!

Here are two of my favorite pictures from this collection. They sum it up!

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Kristy said...

Hi there. I love your "swell noel" flat ornaments. I have several of the Swell Noel and the Merry Christmas, but I can't find the plain (i.e. w/o words) pink and green ornaments. Not on Macy's website, and not in any of my Macy's stores. Can you help me locate some??!!??