Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fabric of Our Lives

This year I wanted the valentine to represent a place so dear to my heart. I grew up in many places throughout my childhood, jumping back and forth from coast to coast with an occasional stop in the middle. However, there was one location in the Midwest which would become the most meaningful of them all. It never was my own home, and it never changed throughout the years. It was the family farm where we spent many summers and occasional holidays. I wanted this year’s valentine to depict that wonderful place where my best childhood memories were made. Here is the card and the meaning behind it.

Here are some additional images showing the assembly-clothes-line and the completed valentine for this year.


Poppy said...

So much work. I bet you were glad to have your own space this year. I am so lucky to be on your list...

Jill in Florida

TeaRen said...

Wow Sheri! You know what a fan I am of your art. I've gotta see your finished studio someday! We need to catch up cause it looks like you've done A-LOT!!


BuggletQuilts said...

Okay, the Valentines are fabulous, especially that cute little apron w/the peach. But how great is that machine! Just think of the possibilities! I wonder if it cuts fabric too.