Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drawers Galore

There are a few pieces in the studio that are simply made to stuff the stuff in. They have drawers-a-plenty and are all nearly full with 'necessary' bits and pieces of the past, someone else's past, now come to live in the corner of my little world.

Need a tiny parasol? How about a Dr. Pepper bottle cap? Surely I have it organized in one of the fifty or so drawers, but which one? Oh, that's what those little label holders are for on the handles! Here are a few of the collections stashed away in these drawers.

The vintage valentines are pretty clearly the inspiration for the Valentiny collections I have been working on. Some are original to the family, from my mom, aunts, grandma and one or two from my own past. Many however, come from people I never knew, but I treasure them as well.

The white cabinet with lots of thin drawers has a little history of its own. It came from one of our church schools when it was time for them to update. I paid all of two dollars for it at the sale. The husband rolled his eyes to see yet another stray brought home. I promised him that this was a necessary one. And for the price, come on, we needed it!

It's original purpose was to house all the felts. Well, now it's been re-purposed. It comes with all the dings and scratches that anyone would after fifty years of children, but I'm happy to have it all the same. The wooden knobs were replaced with porcelain, which came about 50 in a bag from the local thrift store for another $2.50 and a little white paint was added to complete the look.

Next week we'll review the socks drawer. Who's excited now?

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Julie said...

Sheri - I do so love your drawers! Who but you would not only find and refurbish such a treasure, but to get them for $2!!!!! What a bargain!
Love your blog - I can almost feel like we are almost neighbors again!
Hope all is well!