Friday, October 24, 2014

Gather together and enjoy the season

Autumn is the season that I love the most. It’s beautiful, the weather is lovely, and it has Thanksgiving, a holiday that is a reminder to be grateful for everything and everyone in our lives. I have created a collection that is now on Lettering Delights and it is called We Gather Together. It was developed to help create lovely and fun pieces for this harvest season.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been harvesting for this giving season.

You will find something for the kids.

There is something for the elegant decorator.

Also something for the naturalist, woodsy type (well, nature in the form of paper, of course :)

And there is plenty for the holiday crafter.

This collection has a mix of graphic images and cut files. I will be sharing many ideas over the next few weeks and have plenty of “how to” help for the paper crafting autumn leaves, seeds and pods.

I will also share easy ideas for gift giving, and home and kitchen decor. Get ready to gather your friends together for a month of crafting fun. You can go here to see all of the We Gather Together products on LD. Enjoy!

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