Monday, January 28, 2013

Color your world

The wee children are here to color your world and share their language of love.

This color wheel valentine card will teach you and your wee ones love in every language, or at least in eight different languages.

When you rotate the wheel to the right a message is revealed that reads “love makes the world go round and round” and when you rotate the wheel to the left you see the word for “love” in the language of each child.

I made this valentine for my peeps a few years ago and wanted to share the love with you and yours. If you want to share the love you can go to LD here and get the art to create these colorful wheels and share them with your friends around the world.

This is a two part card. The upper color wheel has the hearts cut out to reveal the messages below. A small brad holds the two parts of the wheel together, so no glue or tape is necessary. You will need to use a cutting machine, or be able to cut each heart out with your own tools.

The image above shows the message when rotated to the right.

The image above shows the message (word in each language) when rotated to the left.

If you want to have the free matching wee stamps you can download them here. They are only for fun and cannot be used for postage, but they are forever free from me to you!

Have and colorful valentine’s day and maybe even challenge yourself to start learning a new language before the next valentine’s day rolls around! My daughter is doing that in Spain this year, so she will be fluent in spanish for Valentine’s Day 2014. Let’s just say I’m learning the lingo through her. :)

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