Monday, February 13, 2012

A valentine that is heaven sent . . . and freely given!

It’s almost Valentine’s day and there is just enough time left to make a gift from the heart for the one you love. Fill a matchbox with chocolate covered pretzels, or get a small Russell Stover heart shaped box of chocolates and recover the box with a sentiment from you (and me:). Your loved one will not only think you’re heaven sent, but will start floating on cloud nine.
You can either fill the matchbox with homemade chocolate covered pretzels to show off your sweet side, or leave the matches in the box and couple it with a candle to show your warmth and affection.
If you like giving chocolate to your sweetheart, choose the small heart shaped box to prove your love by simply covering the top and sides, and sharing the sweetness.

I made these labels available for you as a free download and you can get them by clicking on my U-Pick button at the right side of the blog. They will take just a few minutes to print, cut and glue. The only things you’ll need are a large matchbox, a small heart box and a candle or two if you want to light up someone’s life.

Below is an image of the printout. However, you will need to get the artwork from my U-Pick button or click here. The file name is called Valentine2012Freebie. The artwork is formatted on an 11x17 document, and after printing just cut each piece out and adhere to your boxes and candles. I used tape for the candle wraps and tacky glue for the matchbox and heart shaped box.
Here is the information on the specific items you will need (shown in the photo below). A large matchbox (4.75"x2.75"x1.5"); a small Russell Stover chocolates heart shaped box (4"x4"x1"); a pillar candle (2.8"W x 3"H); a candle in a jar (3.5oz). The candles and chocolate were purchased from Walmart, the matchbox from Target.
This is only one way to convince your sweetheart that you’re an angel. I’m sure that is already obvious. Hopefully you and your valentine will be in seventh heaven on February 14. Have a happy and heartfelt one!

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marilyn said...

thanks for sharing this adorable Valentine set...happy V-day to you!