Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift wrap for Christmas is in hiding!

Hello all, I am looking for the Christmas gift wrap based on this pattern (above) that I designed in the Swell Noel collection. I have been told that the wrapping paper is now in Michaels Craft Stores for this holiday season, but I cannot find it in the stores in my area. It might be sold alone, or in a roll pack (maybe of four, I don’t know). However, if any of you happen onto it in the next few weeks I’ love to know where in the country (US or Canada) and in which Michaels stores you found it in.

On another happy note, I do think my Frosting collection will be available for Lettering Delights hopefully by end of next week or so. I will keep you updated and will of course blog about the variety of art, decor and holiday projects that can be done with the sets made for LD as soon as they are on that website. More on that as I have it available.


barbgep said...

Sheri, I'll look in our Michael's TODAY. Will let you know if I find your wrapping paper!

barbgep said...

Sure enough, our Michael's had the wrapping paper. I'm so glad I found it. It sells in a single roll---by the name of "Celebrate It" and has 20 square feet to the roll. It's marked $3.99 on the label but it was 50% off. They had lots of "Celebrate It" wrapping paper---in different places. Some was $3.99 and some $5.99, but all was 50% discount. I'm so happy! It's very pretty.

Sheri McCulley said...

Mom, Thanks for finding it. Great job! I'll check around here again. Now at least we know it's at some Michaels stores across the country. SherBer