Friday, October 14, 2011

Good, Clean Fun for Funday Freebies!

This time of year the tissues are a must, so they must get wrapped into the spirit of the season. They can also have a more enjoyable purpose when turned into cute ghost covered lollipops for the trick or treaters. All of those sweet little hands will be ready for some cleaning when the candy stash has been collected and what better way to encourage the cleaning than with “Creepy Crawler Cleaner” known by us moms as hand sanitizer. If you like these labels and you like clean kids, and you like free things you will want to download my ghost tissue label and creepy crawler label and start having some good clean fun.

For the lollipop ghosts, I simply covered Tootsie Roll Pops with tissues from the oval Kleenex box, tied black string around the neck (stick) and glued eyes on to keep with the look and style of my Costume Clubhouse ghosts. I used a couple of sizes of hole punches with bright colored and black paper. I was able to punch a .25" hole out of a .5" dot~colored piece of paper (like a doughnut or letter “O”) to get the white part in the middle of the eye. Then I used a .125" punch for the tiny black parts of the eye and glued them on the tissue where eyes might go. You can make it easier on yourself if you like this look but not the work by using colorful reinforcement labels in pink, green and yellow. They are the little stickers that look like Fruitloops by Avery or a generic brand. Then for the black part of the eyes you can use a Sharpy pen to dot the eyeballs if you don’t want to hassle with tiny hole punch dots.

Next you will want to get the travel size hand sanitizer (I used the Target brand 2 oz. bottles) to give your little goblins their own sample size. Take off the existing label on the bottle and replace with the 2-cute-2-scare labels I have provided as a download at my U-Pick button. There are 20 labels that will print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. You can use sticker label paper to save yourself the gluing or taping time. Simply cut the labels outside of the orange edge, center and stick on the bottles and hand out to the hands that need some sanitizing.

I know I’ve given out a few other oval, holiday tissue labels, but if you want to keep the theme of the silly string, silly bands and silliness you can use this label for another oval Kleenex tissue box. There are two labels on an 8.5" x 11" format and you will need both to cover the box. Simply print it, cut each out along the edges, and tape one to each side of the oval box. I use double-stick tape, as it won’t show on the sides.

Below are the samples of the tissue labels and goblin hand sanitizer. Here is where you can find the freebie Silly Spirits tissue label and the Goblin Sanitizer label or click on the U-Pick button on the right side of my blog to see these and other free Halloween treats you can use for holiday decorating and parties.

While you are getting in the spirit of Halloween don’t forget to see the stash of creative treats now available in the new Costume Clubhouse print and cut collection at Lettering Delights. There are some three dimensional projects I can’t wait to show you next week and they are almost as simple and easy as these label projects, just as good, just as clean and lots of fun. Happy Funday!

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