Monday, September 28, 2009

What’s pink and blue and cute all over?

Well, everyone knows what’s pink or blue . . . a newborn baby, of course. Tradition has its place in the baby world and it usually revolves around those two colors. I’m not complaining. Have you seen my studio?

Once again it was time to work on a newborn collection and the challenge is always fun. This time the design focuses on a collection I have called Baby Face. Its name is based on the song “You’ve got the cutest little baby face” and what a fitting visual for what really is to all new parents the sweetest little face they ever have seen.

Getting out of my comfort zone a few steps I headed for other traditional baby basics and found the icons still fitting this theme are baby bottles, rattles, diaper and pins. So, I’ve Berry-ised them and added a number of basics of my own.

When the time comes for that new little bundle of pink or blue, don’t forget that your newborn may just need a few accessories to compliment the cutest little baby face you ever have seen!

Here is the cutest little baby girl collection!

Here is the cutest little baby boy collection!


alice232 said...

As always, I love it! My sister is expecting so once she knows if its pink or blue, I'll have to track down some of this fabric!

Anne D said...

I love it. My friends and I have finished the baby stage so at the moment no babies to sew for. Maybe I should jsut make a cot quilt and wait for the babies to come!

Love your christmas fabrics too!!!

Carole said...

Love it! And I have a few baby quilts to be making soon so I'll keep an eye out for it.

Lizzy Hastings said...

Do you know when and where this will be arriving to purchase? I love it!

Becci said...

Okay- you're getting me with all of these BABY fabrics!!! Sooooo cute!!!!

I'd love to order some to be here ASAP!!!