Monday, March 2, 2009

Gon Tiki

I have been working on another collection that started a few years back when I wanted to come up with a container to store the blades from my x-acto knife as they became dull. I had been working at a company with many other artists who has this same predicament. In a few locations throughout the building there were soda cans and water bottles marked to keep dull blades in. Now, come on, how artsy and creative is that? Not! So, I went to work creating our own handy boxes to contain the dull blades.

I designed the Tiki X-acto Protecto box. I wanted to do something in a tiki style and when researching tiki history I found that Tiki was known as the God of the Artist. How fitting. This little tiki box became the long needed protector of the artist, or at least the artist’s hands. If you look closely you will see the tiki bird’s tail feathers and beak and what they are made from.

The little tiki box style developed into a theme that I have now been able to create into a collection that will debut this spring for one of my clients. Here is a sneak peak at some of the patterns in the collection done in two different colorways.


BuggletQuilts said...

Love the Tiki and Asian designs. I hope they become fabric as well as paper!

Poppy said...

I am lucky to have one of these! I still use it too.

Jill in Florida